Why Does the World Exist?, Jim Holt (2012)

Why Does the World Exist? An Existential Detective Story, Jim Holt (2012) “I’d say we’re at least five Einsteins away from answering that question,” “All of the thinkers I had already spoken . . . saw the world under some limited aspect. . . .  Each of these ways of seeing the world purported to […]

A Few Ice Cream Ingredient Labels from Portland-based Salt and Straw

This quick post of pictures is 99% for the search engines. Portland, Oregon’s Salt and Straw ice cream is tasty, with a few classics, varied flavors, and monthly revolving items, like vegan mixes in January or chocolate-based lineup in February. Unfortunately, the company does not post ingredients nor nutrition facts online, and an image search […]

What the Solstices Mean to Me

I was fortunate to have grown up on the side of a mountain, and have always loved the sky, no matter whether it brought grey clouds, a bright sunset, or lightning followed by starlight. While at the University of Hawaii I took an introductory astronomy class, and I began to note the night sky even […]

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