Note: As part of a hypothetical platform for the Presidency, this page serves as the more detailed candidate overview/background. For the other pages, see


  1. No demonstrated group leadership experience or political experience. Rebuttals below:
    • This disadvantage applies to President Trump as well, as he remains the ‘figurehead’ of his ‘empire’ that he has for decades while coddled in New York City, and is kept distracted by the real leaders — for better or worse, but usually both — who remain around him, using his fame and implanting suggestions and actions and opinions.
    • Regarding no political experience: this is arguably as beneficial as detrimental, as I remain a ‘political outsider,’ able to attract certain sectors of Americans who previously thought that ‘quality’ in the Trump rhetoric was a positive. Plus, I do prior have military service.
    • I also have a record of successful leadership decisions in my personal, professional, and educational life, and successful (if imperfect) marriage and familial ties.
    • Finally, I have extensive experience following orders from leaders and understanding leadership structures via
      1. a) experience like low-level jobs, military service, educational background, and also
      2. b) from privately read books in genres like ‘self-help,’ ‘business,’ and ‘psychology,’ among others
  2. Young (36 on election/inauguration day), may act too quickly/overconfidently, not enough life experience. Rebuttals below:
    • Youth is as much an advantage as disadvantage, discussed below, and
    • If extreme low age (relative to age requirement) age is a disadvantage, extreme high age must be an equal disadvantage for a biased, slow-thinking, slow-moving ‘old dog’ like 70-plus-year old President. We should probably set an upper age limit for the Presidency, be it 75 or 105.



  • Age is an advantage: vigorous, ambitious, inspirational, especially to younger voters, thinks on and loves big ideas
  • Extremely open-minded, willing to consider all possible viewpoints
  • Consistent philosophical perspective of ‘ancient’ man and what is ‘natural’ for us individually and collectively, biologically, socially, psychologically, etc.
  • Raised as a racial minority (~30% Hawaii’s population is white)
  • Overseas travel, both in military to Middle East, both with military and as private citizen, mostly to South America
  • Religious education: raised in a conservative Christian family, now with a more broad religious perspective and specific, regular spiritual practices: meditation, yoga, chanting. Comfort with religious discussions in public, including but not limited to Christianity and the words of Jesus. (Note: this is a critical quality of any Democratic nominee in the event V.P. Mike Pence suceeds to the Presidency, whether following the death, resignation, impeachment, or 25th Amendment removal of the President.)
  • Multi-cultural/multi-lingual household, wife legally immigrating
  • Habla Espanol, y habla cada dia


  • Department of Defense experience:
    • 4-years active duty, U.S.A.F enlisted
    • 1-year experience DoD contractor deployed in Afghanistan; therefore intimate, firsthand experience with BOTH uniformed defense and non-uniformed defense
    • Experience with national security, prior top secret clearance
  • Early work experience: communication, sales, physical labor, entry-level positions
  • Technical Education:
    • Course Certification, com’s Introduction to Programming
    • Introductory level knowledge of HTML, CSS, Python
  • Formal Educational Degrees:
    • Bachelor of Arts: Security Management, concentration in Information Security
    • Master’s: Professional Science Masters, Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • ~10 years experience with personal dietary commitment
  • Certified Health Coach, 2017-Present
  • Avid and diverse reader of nonfiction, modern and classic, especially scientific and biological

Obstacles, but not disadvantages:

 (The following two points are indeed campaign obstacles, overcome-able, but they are not inherent disadvantages to myself as a candidate.)

  • No current fortune or large donors.
  • No current fame or large media following.
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