The purpose of this page is to provide an overview of current permanent pages.

Although every website contains hidden pages, below is a list of those pages I’m comfortable with but don’t want to clutter the top level menu. Contact me if you have suggestions or comments for the menu or organization.

Top-level menu pages include:

Other main pages include:

  • /tips, useful tips I’ve learned for living in the modern world
  • /booknotes, my notes on books i’ve read
  • /law, with proposed amendments for the U.S. constitution
  • Health-related pages:
    • /health, with a top-down health philosophy for the public
    • /hypotheses, mostly regarding lithium
    • /obesity, which describes the “micronutrient hypothesis” of obesity and the most likely nutrients to help
    • /headaches, with an educated opinion regarding headaches
    • /protein, which discusses protein supplementation
    • /disclaimer, my opinion on health disclaimers in the modern world
    • /amazon, my thoughts on both the company and my rationale for being a member of their Affiliate program
  • /about, about me and the site
  • /contact, how to contact me
  • /subscribe, to encourage you to join the email subscription list
  • /now, what I’m doing now
  • /slides, with some public presentations I’ve given (mostly for Toastmasters) (invalid links)
  • /log, overall update log to the site

Update Log:

[July 2017: Added /nutrition.]
[31 May 2017: Added /finances, /headaches.]
[31 March, 2017: reorganized and linked to most permanent pages]
[12 February, 2017 [created]]