The purpose of this page is to provide an overview of website finances. I reserve the right to delete this page if it becomes problematic (i.e. promotes jealousy).


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Date Note Net Income
December, 2015 DNS Registration -$42
January, 2017 $0
February, 2017 Business Cards -$48
March, 2017 $0
April, 2017 Web Hosting -$60
May, 2017 $0
June, 2017  $0
July, 2017



This page was added just in case anyone thinks I’m making “too much money” (wtf does that mean, anyway?) or unethically “getting rich.” People see online websites and think they’re making far more money than they actually are.

If the site can’t at least “support itself” and potentially pay my living expenses, I’ll be grateful for what I’ve learned about HTML/CSS/writing and will probably shut it down. If you’d like to donate or think I should open a account, please /contact me.

I’ve been working since December 2016. The first $1 will hopefully come in July 2017. So if you think I built this website solely for money, go f* yourself! 

Thanks for reading.

That is all.


Update Log

[30 Jun: Updated]
[31 May 2017: Added.]