2023-06-12 good morning:

good morning to the slugs, to the skies, and to the sounds,
the past is behind us, may we leave it on the ground;

good morning birds, bridges, and boats,
may we thank our walls without building moats;

may we light each other’s lives,
candles in the darkness, helping us thrive;

thank you tulsi, turmeric, and tea,
although I leave you behind, you have not left me;

thank you for keeping us safe,
thank you for blessing this place;

may we live this prayer.

2023-06-09 curiosity:

Why do tires squeak?
Why can preachers sound so bleak!
Curious questions can make the world turn,
But without human connection, could make the world burn.





I lay myself to rest tonight,
To put to sleep al lthe pain and fright;
I wish too much of what tomorrow holds,
Another ticket has long been sold.