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Quantum Nutrition: A Short Introduction

In 2013, in my first semester of graduate school, I had an idea: “What if we could trace the effects of a single nutrient from physics/chemistry/geology up through biology, past neuroscience and behavior, through all other areas of the university, from economics and art history to geopolitics and beyond?” Not until 2017 did I realize … Continue reading Quantum Nutrition: A Short Introduction

Modern Romance, Aziz Ansari  (2015)

Modern Romance, Aziz Ansari  (2015) ($15, amazon.com link) “The brain is the best algorithm,” Fisher argues. Having read a number of relationship books before it, Modern Romance wasn’t groundbreaking, and I wasn’t surprised all that much by data or original thoughts. Nonetheless, it was worth my time – especially if I return to the dating world [2015]. The … Continue reading Modern Romance, Aziz Ansari  (2015)

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