Amazon Affiliate Links

Purpose: The purpose of this page is to explain why I’m a member in’s affiliate program. Adjacent, related pages include /support and /now.

When I link to products directly on, I’ll use my affiliate link.This means that if the product is purchased from, I would receive a small commission, which would otherwise go to Amazon. Sounds fair to me, especially if it doesn’t compromise my integrity in any way. If the affiliate links or money from them began to do that, I’d likely wipe them from the site or think of another solution.

I’ve been an customer since 2002, and started buying random “stuff” there in 2006. It is an integral part of my life, and I’m even going to start using it as a verb in my daily speech. (Example: “Just ‘amazon’ the window curtains.” This might refer to not only the process of buying a product, but of looking at the top and purchasing.)

I link to Amazon mostly for convenience.

Finally, most products on Amazon you can get elsewhere, such as the manufacturer’s website, or other big supplement websites like, which often, but not always, has lower prices. is particularly useful for shipping internationally.

As such, I ask that you keep the tracking code at the end of URLs in order to support myself and this site. Thank you.