The purpose of this page is to provide a general update log of the site. The goal is to update the page weekly or less.



[July: 7 Updated /law, added coaching page, ]
[2-30 June: Added email #1, a second proposed amendment to /law, minor additions to longevity section of /lithium/ page, and misc. minor updates.]
[2 June: Added /finances, essay A Letter to My Unborn Daughters, or: Why American Women Aren’t Leading Anymore/headaches.]
[26 May: Major update to /lithium page.]
[21 Apr: Edited footer/CSS, edited 404 page, disabled search, added /protein and /obesity pages, minor edits.]
[7 Apr: Misc updates to site, posted Why Americans Will Start “Waking Up” as we start Driving Less; added a few old book notes; updated /tips page and moved /tips to main menu!]
[1 Apr: Moved to self-hosted site without exploding the internet: checkmate!]
[20 Mar 2017: Created.]