Health Coaching

The purpose of this page is to provide an overview of the services I provide as a health coach.


Primal Health Coach Certified



Services Provided:

As a certified health coach, I help clients take charge, develop, and stick to plans in order to achieve their goals of happier, healthier lifestyles. While most clients focus on the bolded topics to develop customized plans, I’m happy to help coach the following topics and more:

  • Food, nutrition, supplement, and water intake (including meal plans and grocery shopping!)
  • Exercise, fitness, and movement (including CrossFit, Yoga asanas, distance running and walking, etc.)
  • Sunlight and outdoor activities
  • Air Quality
  • Sleep
  • Meditation, breathing, increasing mental focus
  • Fasting
  • Financial health
  • Spiritual and Social Health, including romantic relationships
  • Career Advice

Please use the /contact page to inquire about an initial coaching call.



Free Information

Legally, of course, the information on this website and products linked to are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases, and this website has not been evaluated by the (corrupt) Food and Drug Administration. The information is intended to prevent all diseases by promoting excellent human health, but most of us will get a disease at some point in our lives anyway, so I always encourage clients to work with their doctors.

I enjoy the processes of writing, editing, coding, and thus sharing the health knowledge I’ve learned over the course of my adult life for free on this website. I hope it’s helpful, and the following free pages are intended to help average Americans responsibly improve their own health:

  • /health, with a top-down health perspective for the public. I’d recommend all Americans familiarize themselves with this page first. Air quality is critical.
  • /pills, which attempts to answer the question “Which vitamins and minerals are worth your time?” for the general American public. This page explains a strategy to use vitamins and minerals intelligently (while moving away from pills and towards foods), and although it may be overwhelming, I recommend most people start by reading the short 3-part “I’m not rich. Where do I start?” section, then jumping around to the sections that interest them the most.
  • /lithium, overview of lithium’s role as a nutrient in human biology (intended for the public, but still somewhat scientific)
  • /obesity, which describes the “micronutrient hypothesis” of obesity and the most likely nutrients to help
  • /headaches, with an educated opinion regarding headaches
  • /protein, which discusses protein supplementation





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