• What’s good about our local, state, and federal government?
  • What problems do you have at the local/state/fed level?
  • What’s your ideal solution(s) ? At the local, state, federal levels?
  • Do you want to see a “normal” person campaign on their strengths for the job, and potentially win? Do you agree with that concept, or is it silly?
  • What advice do you have?
  • What do you think of climate change — and the solutions you’re aware of?
  • What do you think should be amended to the Constitution? What do you think about the idea of restarting/renewing/recommiting-to the Constitution ?
  • Were you ever a “do nothing” voter, who maybe didn’t vote? When and why, what changed?
  • How important do you think your vote is… compared to how you spend your daily dollars?
  • Do you vote in your party’s primaries? If Republican, what might it take for you to switch, in order to influence the Democratic primary?
  • Deeper:
    • Do you think the nation will survive this century?
    • (How) Do you think the Federal government should adapt this century?
    • What amendments do you think our Constitution needs?
    • What do you think about the idea of the nation re-committing to the principles of the Constitution? ( )
    • What do you think about the idea of physically separating one or two of the branches to different cities outside D.C.? I.E. an actual, true, resistant-to-lobbyists-and-their-money “separation of powers” ?
    • Would you like to see a relatively “normal” American campaign? Why or why not? What would you campaign on?