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The purpose of this page is to provide my thoughts on protein supplements for the general American public. This page is not specifically for bodybuilders.


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  • Protein is the simplest macro-nutrient to supplement.
  • Recommended experimentation range: 0-30g supplemental protein/day. Most adults need well over 100g protein/day, and ideally all of it is eaten through high quality food.
  • Protein will likely help you eat and feel “healthier,” “fuller” or more content, and may even help you make “healthier” decisions everywhere else in life.
  • While I prefer not to supplement with processed products (i.e. refined whey protein/isolate), I’ve found a protein supplement positively impacts my life in many ways. Example: this, which is cheaper direct from the manufacturer’s website at, who also often runs 25% off promotions. It’s too expensive from!
  • I’m currently experimenting with this gelatin powder, because gelatin protein has a completely different amino acid profile from whey protein.
  • BCAAs and Leucine:
    • Buying BCAAs is likely a waste of money, as the most interesting of the three amino acids is leucine. It is also the most likely to be doing something and not consumed in adequate quantities in the diet otherwise. Buy leucine directly if you want to experiment.
    • We experiment with this leucine, which my partner believes helps her to resist food cravings. I’m not yet convinced of anything.




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