Dear neighbors,

I’ve officially filed as a Presidental Candidate in the Democratic party, and aim to gain the requisite fame and finances, both with your help, to challenge Biden to one or more debates on or before January 20th, 2024. The ‘launch’ email, with video links, is here: . I encourage you to subscribe to email updates, those are more intimate than the videos.

Yes, I’m serious. should redirect to within 1-10 days.

In-person events (stump speech + conversations about Amendments) won’t likely be scheduled until October, so there should be little immediate impact on our neighborhood.

Fortunately, we live by a very popular park entrance. Obviously, I have used a PO Box as the campaign’s legal address, but it is still very easy to lookup physical private addresses these days, and people will quickly know where I live. That means they will quickly know where we all live.

Please contintue to prioritize our safety and security, especially of our children, and please do not hesitate to call me at any time. I am no security expert, but it is the field of my Bachelor’s degree, and I served four years in the military, and I’m happy to help contribute to our neighborhood’s safety.

With love,


2023-09-23 Updated 2023-10-07


We do not currently own any firearms. While I am open to them in the future, I have no immediate plans/urgency to do so.

Secure Communication:

If you need my number, knock or ask another neighbor. I hope to continue to prioritize neighbors and family over those more physically distant.

Please refrain from public SMS text messages — and please do not tell me “RCS is secure,” because I take issue with that.

While I also have Telegram and WhatsApp installed, they are both inferior to Signal. For secure communications, please download Signal:

Signal Messenger Download

Download Signal Messenger:

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