Sunarai Lyrics, by Metsa, Contact, 2019

These are my typed lyrics for Metsa’s track Sunarai, on the 2019 album Contact. The song is sung in Quechua. Listen here, or see their notes here.

See their lyrics to the song Mambo Mambo here.

The song follows the basic format below, repeated eight (8) times per plant name:

[plant] sunarai, sunarai en ti

These are the plant names, in order, with (probably) incorrect spelling. Contact me to fix the spelling!

  1. uaatera (Wairaitirai? may mean wind)
  2. bocenjena (?)
  3. amasesa (?)
  4. yakusesa (?)
  5. sanango
  6. coca
  7. kame (?)
  8. bobinsana
  9. tuesito (?)
  10. ayahuasca
  11. chrakruna
  12. lavacito (la bacito?)

Credits: Thanks to for some help spelling!