More anti-vaxx COVID thoughts…

This is a response to some “educated” baby-boomer friends who have rejected the various COVID vaccines. Note: Names may have been changed. For a response to some concerns of some anti-vaxxer friends a month or so ago, see my post and tweet here: .See the tweet at the very bottom, which is the essence … Read more

Berries in the NW

Before our record breaking heatwave this weekend… You must know that berry season is progressing nicely! Here’s an email I sent out last July 8th: Hi all! In addition to salmon berries (somewhat bland in their taste) and blackberries (with their lovely thorns) and clovers (which few people eat), these berries are now ripening, called … Read more

Personal response to COVID vaccine concerns for any anti-vaxx friends

What I did below (indented) was first to free write this once, and then loosely edit it ~2x. There are whole pages more I could say, dozens of links I could provide, and extra super-conspiratorial objections like those of some baby-boomers I could also respond to… stuff like A) the vaccines are made from aborted … Read more

Mambo Mambo Lyrics, by Metsa, on their 2019 album Contact

These are my typed lyrics for Metsa’s track Mambo Mambo, on the 2019 album Contact. The song is sung in Quechua. Listen here, or see their notes here. I aim to update formatting soon. 0:00-0:30 mambo mambo mambo mambo mambo mambo mambo mambo   mambo mambo mambo mambo mambo mambo   nyu ka na mwi … Read more

Lyrics for Alicia Keys’ Stay-At-Home Rendition of Flo Rida’s “My House”

On Thursday, 2 April 2020, Alicia Keys was “on” The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. She performed a rendition of rapper Flo Rida’s song “My House,” with lyrics adapted to the early pandemic’s stay-at-home situation. I’d never really heard Flo Rida’s original song, but I wanted to memorize Keys’ lyrics more than YouTube’s automatic transcription … Read more

A few fitness thoughts amidst our stay-at-home orders.

[Note: Since formatting on facebook is minimal, this post — for my fellow gym members — is reposted here. ] Hi all! In light of the situation, I wanted to share a few fitness thoughts. This post is ~1,400 words, or 6-min @ 250words/min, in five sections.  Here’s the outline: 1) Sun salutations 2) CrossFit … Read more

“My, how time flies!”

“My, how time flies!” Note: This post was written and edited as part of an exercise in couple’s counseling with my wife. In the session, I stated that I *loathe* when someone says, “My, how time flies…” because I so vehemently disagree. The counselor pushed me several times to move past my own logical, analytical … Read more

2012 ‘Mars One’ Application

Note: In 2012, I made a not-very-passionate-and-mostly-out-of-curiosity application for the Mars One project, a privately funded organization with the goal of one-way trips to colonize Mars. See Wikipedia for more about the project, which dissolved in 2019, and had even “been referred to as a scam in the media.” Upon reviewing this ‘cover letter’, there … Read more

Why Does the World Exist?, Jim Holt (2012)

Why Does the World Exist? An Existential Detective Story, Jim Holt (2012) “I’d say we’re at least five Einsteins away from answering that question,” “All of the thinkers I had already spoken . . . saw the world under some limited aspect. . . .  Each of these ways of seeing the world purported to … Read more

A Few Ice Cream Ingredient Labels from Portland-based Salt and Straw

This quick post of pictures is 99% for the search engines. Portland, Oregon’s Salt and Straw ice cream is tasty, with a few classics, varied flavors, and monthly revolving items, like vegan mixes in January or chocolate-based lineup in February. Unfortunately, the company does not post ingredients nor nutrition facts online, and an image search … Read more