Email List #10

Here’s my own version:

SUBJECT: The Last Campaign Email?

Hello everyone,

The recent focus on social media is off to a good start. Here’s the video on term limits:

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Obviously, the email subject was intended to evoke a different assumption. Nay, our campaign is gearing up to politely (but rapidly) knock on Biden’s door from the side. This email is possibly the last campaign email to THIS specific email list — to the addresses of all my contacts over the course of my life.

I thought that old friends, new friends, and certainly biological family would donate a few bucks here and there as soon as I told everyone I knew — on August 6th — that I’d run for President. How wrong I was, and how much I have learned. People will tell you to your face they support you, and yet not give a penny. Ouch. I find it so difficult to express my disappointment in such Americans.

Ranting a little in this paragraph… Almost no one on this list seems to care about the future of the country. Am I the best candidate? Probably not, for most people. Still, we can donate to many candidates at once, and help them engage in the political process to create a better America for our children. But I don’t see that from 99% of the people here. (Obviously, I remain campaigning because I believe this is the best platform out there, and remain confident that our candidate is a good well-rounded representation of all Americans. Only a fool would run for President to raise his status, attract money or fame, or other similar reasons! Nay; I am running to serve in this office for two terms, building a new federal city in the process, help revitalize our nation (and maybe our two continents in the process), lead the world, further explore the solar system, and more. But clearly no one on this list cares about any of that. Status quo forever, you say!)

I apologize for not calling most of you sooner, if you simply wanted the personal touch to ask for donations — I am very introverted, and I’ve been campaigning some locally in-person and calling all my contacts list alphabetically… which will take some time. Feel free to call or text or email or write anytime, we’re still in a position to read everything, but the explosiveness of both the internet and social media may make that impossible any day now.

Furthermore, for anyone who was offended by personal opinions on the campaign website, those have been removed. They should never have been there in the first place, that was an accident, and my opinions — especially the controversial ones — are OK on my personal blog, but not the official campaign site.

Also, for those who care, I have a personal matter that requires me to be in court on December 1st and 4th. Whatever your beliefs, please light a candle, say a prayer, burn some sage, rub a worry rock, or otherwise send some positive thoughts our way. Not for me individually, of course, only for this: that the truth is spoken in court, and that the court makes the best long-term decision for the future.

Anyway, give all of that, we likely won’t email this list again until mid-December, if ever, unless donations skyrocket.

Many of you look me in the eyes as if you believe I am clinically insane. Hah! Funny… I think nearly exactly that of many Americans right now — apathetically walking around as if the country is OK (especially Democrats in Democratic cities aloof that the D in office is just fine…), when the country is like a bomb about to explode, whether via a series of events that could easily dwarf the January 5th domestic terrorist attack, or a contentious election leading to the great “false electors” fear. Both parties are too afraid of the other.

In other words, we’re living in the exact American dystopia that George Washington warned us about in his farewell speech — that the two party system would destroy us.


Almost check-mate. How long can we survive like this? At least a year, probably; certainly not a century. Ten years?

(And as a related aside, is this not hypocritical, to rant against the two parties by someone in a party? Well, no. All such candidates had to decide whether to fight against this two-party system from without (as an Independent from the start), or from within. Like most, I chose to fight against it from within: choosing the party I lean towards, the party I believe is slightly less corrupt, slightly more open minded. Funny: talk to Republicans or Democrats in person, and most of us believe those previous phrases about “our” party! Yet the loudest Ds and Rs legitimately hate the other party, call them un-American, and spew their hatred for all of us to choke on… If we don’t turn the TV off and walk away, it’s going to destroy us.)

Yet there are indeed candidates — myself included — who want to focus on the common good between all of us. Neil whats-his-name-politician-from-Minnesotta seems pretty good. Likeable guy. Ideas? None on the campaign website when I checked a few weeks ago — absolutely no platform! Regardless, I doubt he’ll displace Biden as the nominee, and even if he did, I think he’d be less likely to attract enough conservatives and independents than me to actually win. I hope that when the time comes, he puts his publicity towards a young veteran armed with revolutionary ideas — the ideas necessary to heal and move us forward.

Little short of a peaceful, second American revolution is going to save us. We are far too broken to continue red and blue Presidents.

Pitch in $3 or $4… because: why not?


Finally, as a teaser…

I expected the next short videos to be on topics large and small, focusing my time only on those where I already had an educated opinion. DST? Yes, end it ASAP pleas. Bidets? We should use them. Gardening and cooking — things to bring the country together. The border? Maybe. Israel or Ukraine? Eventually, but I’m not yet educated enough. Surveillance? Sure, I know about that topic. Voter ID laws? I don’t know anything about that. A hundred other topics? Eventually.

I expected to leave the most controversial topic known to humankind — abortion — for the in-person rallies as “practice” writing a mock Amendment; and even then, only as we get comfortable with the “mock Amendment” process.

And yet the team asked me to make a video on abortion.

Could abortion, our most divisive moral issue, bring us together? If we wrote an Amendment on it, yes, actually, I believe it could. The process can heal us — or at least begin the healing!

The short is now posted — and the 34-minute draft I did is available, as well as the ~10-minutes of green-screen content.

Again, if you ‘d like to ensure you keep getting these emails, please sign up via the mail website, so you’ll go onto the “new” list.

And for those who care about the country, donate $3 or $4 a month — that lets you pull the plug if/when your support ends, sending me a powerful message!


Thank you for reading.

( Happy Thanksgiving, || Goodbye, || Until Next Time, || Cheers, || Thanks, || See you on the other side! || Love & light, || Dark Fears, Bright Hopes, )


Here’s the prompt I used, followed by chatGPT’s response from 2023-11-22 with GPT-4:

This email list has about [redacted] clicked the latest link “coffee with a candidate” landing page, and yet none have donated, only people I’ve talked to at length this year have donated.

Below is the latest email I wrote to them, basically saying “you’re not really worth our time to email anymore”. Please read it three times, then edit.

Please edit it to be shorter, sweeter, and to the point. However, you should preserve some of the strong “scolding” parental tone that these people – supposedly “friends and family and neighbors” — haven’t even donated a few dollars to an American veteran with revolutionary ideas.

The email should convince them to click donate and give at least a few dollars.


SUBJECT: Our Future: Your Role in This Critical Moment


As we pivot our focus to social media, here’s a glimpse of what we’re talking about: Embed SAS Short-Attention-Span Version | Embed Longer Version

This might be the last message to this particular list — the one with contacts from all walks of my life. When I announced my presidential run, I hoped for even the smallest token of support from friends, family, and acquaintances. The silence, however, has been deafening.

It’s a harsh reality that sometimes, the people we expect to stand with us are the ones who step back. It’s disappointing, yes, but also a lesson in the unpredictable nature of support.

Moving forward, I’ll be focusing my energy where it’s reciprocated — on platforms where engagement and interest are palpable. This isn’t a farewell, but a shift in direction.

For those who expected a personal call or message, my apologies. Campaigning, even at its infancy, is a whirlwind of activities, and my introverted nature doesn’t always make reaching out easy. However, I am always open to communication, so feel free to reach out at any time.

Regarding content on our campaign website, we’ve made adjustments to keep it focused on our vision and platform, removing personal opinions that may have detracted from our core message.

On a personal note, I have an important court date on December 1st and 4th. Your positive thoughts for a just and truthful outcome would be appreciated.

This campaign is about more than one person; it’s about a collective vision for a better future. If you believe in a cause that transcends party lines and challenges the status quo, consider contributing even a small amount. Every dollar, every share, and every voice counts.

Donate $3 or $4

Looking ahead, our content will cover both the mundane and the monumental, from daylight savings time to the complexities of issues like abortion. It’s about starting conversations, fostering understanding, and finding common ground.

Your continued engagement matters. To stay updated, join our new list via the main website.

Thank you for being part of this journey, no matter where you stand.