Childpeace Montessori School Board Open Letter

An Open Letter to the Childpeace Montessori School Board on the Eve of Its “State of the School” (March 14, 2024) Dear School Board Members, As “Pi Day” approaches, I regret to inform you that my son and I will be out of state during the “State of the School” meeting. However, I wish to … Read more

Rethinking Democracy: Innovative Electoral System Proposal

Original: The original text below was part 4 of 7 in an upcoming campaign letter… Signup for the email list at And now let me talk about our future Presidential elections. What I envision is quite simple for the Presidency: a national lottery system combined with rank choice voting. Now, when most people hear … Read more

Email List #10

Here’s my own version: SUBJECT: The Last Campaign Email? Hello everyone, The recent focus on social media is off to a good start. Here’s the video on term limits: EMBED SHORT SAS Short-Attention-Span Version | EMBED LONG ——- Obviously, the email subject was intended to evoke a different assumption. Nay, our campaign is … Read more

The Last U.S. Amendment we Wrote was the 26th Amendment in 1971, not the newer 27th Amendment.

I state several places the last Constitutional Amendment was in 1971, 52 years ago, referring to the 26th Amendment. This is true, although this blog post is to explain “what’s up?” with the newer, 27th Amendment, ratified in 1991. Thesis: The last newly written, debated, approved and ratified Amendment was the 26th Amendment, ratified in … Read more

DRAFT Divorce Kids Children

Note: Rather than write the phrase “children of separated/divorced parents in separated households” repeatedly, I’ve shortened the phrase to “separated children,” regandless of the number of overnights they spend with each parent (or alternate caregivers like grandpraents/foster parents). Parental friendship — or at minimum, adult respect — is healthy for children. Said another way: separated … Read more

Reflections on a school’s “Silent Journey & Discovery”

2023 Silent Journey – Reflections Our child’s school had a 2-day event recently called “Silent Journey & Discovery.” The school let the parents — no children — come and spend time in classrooms for each age group, flowing “up” chronologically throughout both days. The first day was a brief silent walk through each room in … Read more

It’s a beautiful day!

This is a topic, I’d imagine, on which opinions scour the internet: “It’s so beautiful outside!” [meaning sunny] … “What a terrible day!’ [when raining] … … and countless variations on the spectrum of pure sunshine <—> cloudy  <—> overcast <—> rainstorm spectrum. In the Pacific Northwest, this is particularly frustrating. As part of HICC … Read more

Quantum Nutrition, 1: Errata

Note on the usage of the word significant: The word significant has two primary meanings in its contemporary American usage. First, the word is used to mean: notable, memorable, of a moderate, observable effect, practically important, and/or relevant to a somewhat everyday human experience. But the second definition, used in scientific studies, is more technical, … Read more