An Open Letter to the VA/VET-TEC program (aka PDX Code Guild’s Ethical Shenanigans)

This post is adjacent to the public review on the company/course as a school and paid product.

  • Misuse of VA funds
  • Deceit/potential fraud in interaction and forms with VA
    • Misrepresentation of student population under VET-TEC rules (often placing a non-veteran student simply to fill a paperwork necessity, sometimes from the employee pool)
    • Misrepresentation of alumni employment rates under VET-TEC rules (saying an alumni gained “gainful employment” merely because he/she was funneled through the company’s pool of Teaching Assistant’s…
  • Unethical advertisement/claims to prospective (veteran) students
  • (Note: there are also other claims not investigated by the OIG, like workplace discrimination and EEO issues…)
  • Bullying / Retaliation of employees and former employees (unsure if the OIG investigates these matters or if, like the above note, they fall outside the OIG’s scope)

  • Veterans unequipped to enter the technical workforce, wasted financial and time investment, setting back their careers
  • Employees and alumni, and students afraid to speak up against unethical (or downright illegal) behavior
  • Unfair economic competition with other Technical schools in Portland and the US (the schools who follow the law)
  • Poor community, members afraid to engage in civilized technical debates*
    • Two were banned for this reason, and as an alumni who commented that these account bans were wrong and would only harm the community, I was banned, and then a former instructor the same.
    • Worse, after an email appealing my account ban, the Director filed a VA harassment claim against me! (this is Retaliation)