Rethinking Democracy: Innovative Electoral System Proposal

Original: The original text below was part 4 of 7 in an upcoming campaign letter… Signup for the email list at And now let me talk about our future Presidential elections. What I envision is quite simple for the Presidency: a national lottery system combined with rank choice voting. Now, when most people hear … Read more

An Open Letter to the VA/VET-TEC program (aka PDX Code Guild’s Ethical Shenanigans)

This post is adjacent to the public review on the company/course as a school and paid product. Misuse of VA funds Deceit/potential fraud in interaction and forms with VA Misrepresentation of student population under VET-TEC rules (often placing a non-veteran student simply to fill a paperwork necessity, sometimes from the employee pool) Misrepresentation of alumni … Read more

Personal response to COVID vaccine concerns for any anti-vaxx friends

What I did below (indented) was first to free write this once, and then loosely edit it ~2x. There are whole pages more I could say, dozens of links I could provide, and extra super-conspiratorial objections like those of some baby-boomers I could also respond to… stuff like A) the vaccines are made from aborted … Read more

A 5 Step-Plan for the Financial Future of The United States, or: Why Killing All the Baby Boomers Just Might Save Us [satire]

Disclaimer Do not read this webpage. This is satire. If you do not know what satire is, stop here and leave immediately. If you do know what satire is, leave anyway, as you and readers like you are even more dangerous. The comments on this web page are not intended to provoke, stimulate, or encourage any violent … Read more

Letter to Servicemembers, Active and Inactive [09042017]

Note: The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255) provides 24/7, free and confidential support for anyone in distress, in addition to prevention and crisis resources. Also available for online chat. Hi all, I’ve been working on this site seriously for the past few months, and on most days, I am more patient than others. Today, I … Read more